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Top 5 Best Cat Collars of 2021: Complete Buyer's Guide

We compared our favorite cat collars so you don't have to.

You are scrolling through an endless supply of cat collars on the internet and we know how overwhelming that can be. You just want to pick the right one for YOUR kitty. You want it to be safe and comfortable, but also eye-catching. It’s a tough decision! Don’t worry – we bought all those collars and did the hard work for you. These are the Top 5 Best Cat Collars of 2021 reviewed by us so that you can shop confidently for your cat.


The 4 C’s of Cat Collars – Cost, Creation, Comfort, and Closure

We created our own comparison system that shows you how the collar is made, its cost, how comfortable it is for your kitty, and which buckle type is included.

Cost – What is the retail price?

Creation – Where is it made and how?

Comfort – How many sizes are there? Is it flexible? How does the material feel?

Closure – Is it a breakaway or side release buckle? Is a bell included?

 top 5 best cat collars

Top 5 Best Cat Collars of 2021: Complete Buyer’s Guide

#1 Top Ranked – Pepper Sky Pets Scrunchie Cat Collar

best cat collar scrunchie breakaway soft comfortablematching set cat collar scrunchie best

We think the picture speaks for itself……total purr-fection! Pepper Sky Pet’s famously original scrunchie cat collar is truly the softest and comfiest collar you can buy for your cat. They handpick these soft, luscious fabrics for your kitty and then sew the collars by hand. When you touch the collar for the first time, you will know why CATS LOVE THESE COLLARS. The Scrunchie Cat Collar is stretchy enough to move with your cat all day, never rubbing and irritating, while the soft fabric surrounding it provides a fun pop of color for any kitty. Long-haired cat owners know the struggles of never seeing the collar beneath the fur, but that is never a problem with this collar.

Cost: $14.99 + Shipping

Creation: Designed and Sewn by hand in Seattle, WA USA

Comfort: There are 3 sizes: small (16cm), medium (20cm), large (24cm). The collars are made on thick elastic that provides a bit of stretch for your cat’s comfort. The fabrics feel super soft to touch so there is zero chance of irritation.

Closure: Breakaway or Side Release Buckles, Bell Included but can be removed


#2 - CoveLeather’s Leather Cat Collar

leather cat collar

CoveLeather on Etsy creates beautiful leather cat collars. This stylish cat collar is made from one hand cut piece of leather and is reinforced with two black double cap rivets. It features a black plastic quick release buckle, removable bell and is adjustable to fit most cats. Although this collar is not flexible for your kitty, it does use soft leather that feels much better than traditional cat collar. We also love that they are based in Newport, Oregon USA.

Cost: $15.00 + Shipping

Creation: Designed and produced by hand in Newport, Oregon USA

Comfort: There is 1 size for this adjustable collar. The leather does not offer any flexibility or stretch, but it is soft to touch.

Closure: Breakaway Buckle, Bell Included


#3 – Etsy Soletgo Star Cat Collar

star etsy cat collar

We found this next collar on Etsy from a seller named Soletgo, based in Fontana, California. The star printed fabric is very eye-catching and we loved that you could also get the collar engraved. The biggest downside of this collar was the rough stitching through the thick stiff fabric, it wasn’t as smooth as we expected it to be. This collar is easily adjustable for the average sized cat and the gold starred fabric is adorable.

Cost: $10.98 + Shipping

Creation: Produced overseas, but ships from California USA

Comfort: There is 1 size for this adjustable collar. The thick fabric does not offer any flexibility or stretch. There is risk of irritation.

Closure: Breakaway Buckle, Bell Included


#4 - Blueberry Pet’s Striped Cat Collar with Bowtie

Blueberry Pet Cat Collar Braided Bowtie

Blueberry Pets is large pet brand that specializes in mass-producing pet products overseas. They offer a variety of collar types but this one was truly our favorite. It features artsy diagonal stripes and unique colors on a durable polyester webbing and stitching. We love the cute little bowtie, but it did fall off quickly after a couple days.

Cost: $16.99 + Shipping

Creation: Designed and mass-produced overseas

Comfort: There is 1 size for this adjustable collar fitting any 9”-13” neck. It is made of a high-density polyester webbing that is softer than some collars, but rougher and more irritating than those collars ranked as #1 and #2. This collar offers no flexibility of movement for your cat.

Closure: Breakaway Buckle, Bell Included


#5 - MadebyCleo's "Moonrise" Cat Collar

plaid cat collar Madebycleo

MadebyCleo is a large pet supply company based in Austin, Texas. They make a variety of cat collars in different patterns and sizes. We love their selection and holiday styles for Christmas and Halloween. However, these collars fall short on comfort, they are stiff and don’t have a smooth interior.

Cost: $16.00 + Shipping

Creation: Headquartered in Austin, Texas, collar made overseas

Comfort: There are 3 cat sizes for this adjustable collar.  It is made of durable nylon & polyester. This collar offers no flexibility of movement for your cat.

Closure: Breakaway Buckle or Side Release Buckle, Bell Included